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Cyberpaw Files - Sticker Pack


"The Vinyl Vendetta"

Lumina City - A sprawling urban landscape gleaming with skyscrapers and intertwined highways. Within the neon-lit depths, thriving in its shadows lies a criminal world.

Meet Echo, the corgi detective and his Partner Niche.

Clad in their signature trench coat, They chase Klaw, the elusive master criminal, through this cyberpunk world.

With vinyl spinning and synth beats pulsating, unravels the city's secrets, blending music and mystery in a high-tech pursuit of justice.

Created in partnership with Sound Test @Soundtestofficial

All stickers are made to order!
Printed on Weatherproof Sticker Vinyl and laminated for durability.
Combine and Save! - All Stickers and Buttons ship for $5 Flat Rate in the US!


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