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Custom 3D Printing

Thank you for trusting me with your project. 

If interested in a custom 3D Printed commission please Submit a inquiry through the contact form on the site or send a DM on instagram @xenvmedia 

Mininum Pricing Info *

$5 Set up fee (Per file not print) 

$2 / Hour of Printing 

Material Cost + 10% error compensation 

!Multiple prints reduces per unit costs!

Reach Out For More Info! 

Example : File takes 45 min to print and uses $1 of material .

Total cost
1 Print = $8.25 + Shipping (8.25 / Print)
2 Prints = $11.50 + Shipping (5.75 / Print)
3 Prints = $14.75 + Shipping (4.91 / Print) 

*3D Printing in itself is a additive manufacturing process. Due to varying conditions such as humidity, temperature, and vibration slight cosmetic blemishes such as visible seam lines, texture irregularities and other minute flaws are a possibility. All efforts are done to ensure a quality product but some imperfections or finishing work is always to be expected. 

Thank You 🖤